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(60-70 Minute Shows)
Broadway Junior Musicals

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Kremer Resources has recently added Disney and Broadway Junior musicals rewritten for Kindergarten through grade 9. These are tremendous educational musicals that will help children produce an actual theater production.

Royalty costs are embedded within the initial one-time purchase price. Because of their nature, we must follow a different ordering process than our "School Musicals" pages.

1. Kremer Resources takes your order (phone only: 1-855-873-4566) and sends you the invoice.

2. After order is placed you will then receive a "performance license" via fax or email which must be signed and returned before shipment.

3. The "license" includes the following policies:
  • Only students in grades K-9 may participate.
  • You have unlimited rights to perform the musical during a 12 month period.
  • You must be an accredited school.
  • Ticket prices may not exceed $10. (These musicals are not intended to create a profit.)
  • Performers get to keep their vocal books.
  • Proper author credit and logo placement must be followed.
 4. With your order you will receive:
  • 30 Student Books (Librettos)
  • One or two Piano Scores
  • One Director's Guide
  • One or two Performance/Accompaniment CDs
  • Choreography DVD
  • 30 Family Matters booklets
  • Plus videos, media disk, study guides, etc. where applicable
 5. An invoice from Kremer Resources will be sent soon after your package is shipped.


All Disney and Broadway Junior Musicals have available an Audio Sampler with selections of the songs included in the musical.  There is a cost of $10.00 (plus shipping) for each sampler.  The disk will be yours to keep.

To order a sampler, please call 855-873-4566 and request a Broadway Audio Sampler.


Kremer makes every attempt to keep Broadway Junior musicals on our site that are current and in print. We encourage you, however, to place your order well in advance of performance dates.


Orders for these "Broadway" Junior musicals must be placed by calling 855-873-4566.