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Christmas at Bethlehem Gulch Christmas Musical


Christmas at Bethlehem Gulch

Theme: Christmas

Age: Middle/Upper Elementary

Length: 45 Minutes

Number of Characters: 1 adult, 21 children

Number of Songs: 8


A group of kids arrive at Bethlehem gulch for their annual Christmas party.  Things are going great until the children realize that they are not on a horse and cattle ranch; they have mistakenly chosen a sheep ranch for their celebration.  The “Old West” music is fabulous!  Created by John DeVries.


Song List & Audio Samples

Christmas at Bethlehem Gulch

Christmas Out Under the Stars

A Story of Shepherds

Bethlehem Shepherds

Baa Baa Better Believe

This Is the Day of Our Savior's Birth

Gentle Shepherd

We Just Met the King


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