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Christmas in Black and White

Theme: Christmas

Age: Middle/Upper Elementary

Length: 43 Minutes

Number of Characters: 10

Number of Songs: 7


Come take a visit to the Polar Pet Park along with Miss LaToe from the Blue Spruce School for a fun holiday trip. What the park penguins don’t understand is why the school kids don’t understand the real meaning of Christmas when Jesus was born. To help the kids, Paco, the penguin, is on a mission to make sure Miss LaToe’s class gets the message and meaning of the real story of Christmas. Songs include: Silent Night Medley”, Christmas in Black and White”, “The Manger Medley” and more.


Song List & Audio Samples

Christmas in Black and White

Silent Night Medley

Tru Dat

Even a Penguin

The Manger Medley

Thank you for Coming


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