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Christmas in Kid City

Theme: Christmas

Age: Middle/Upper Elementary

Length: 26 Minutes

Number of Characters: 6+

Number of Songs: 5


The action takes place within a church’s kids ministry room, dubbed “Kid City.” This intrepid group is led by Ms. Eugenia, whose main claim to fame is that she almost won 1st place in the state Bible Quiz finals when she was a child. This short musical includes non-stop fun, and is chock-full of cleverly written songs, all supported by a heart-warming script. Songs include “This Is Gonna Be Big”; “How Do You Say Habakkuk”; “Don’t Major with the Minors” and more. Created by Dave Clark and Emily Mingledorff.


Song List & Audio Samples

Don't Major on the Minors

How Do You Say Habakkuk?

It's Still the Same Story


This Is Gonna Be Big


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