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God With a Capital G School Musical


God With a Capital G

Theme: General

Age: Lower/Middle Elementary

Length: 20 Minutes

Number of Characters: 24

Number of Songs: 14


A terrible famine drought has plagued the land and King Ahab blames Elijah for the problems.  Elijah squares off with the prophets of Baal in a competition of flaming altars to prove that Jehovah is the one, true God.  When this musical is over, there is no doubt that our God is spelled with a capital G. Songs include "Elijah's a Mighty Fine Prophet", "That's What I Call Faith", "The Fire Song", and "The Lord, He Is God". Created by Betty Hager and Fred Bock.


Song List & Audio Samples

God with A Capital G (Opener)

God with A Capital G

Elijah's A Mighty Fine Prophet

Great Things Are Going to Happen

Baal Chant

We Need A God of Our Own

It Won't Work

That's What I Call Faith

Answer Me, Lord

The Fire Song

Gotta Wait Upon the Lord

The Lord, He Is God!

The Rain Song

God With A Capital G (Closer)


There is a Minimum Order of 10 Pieces For This Musical (mix & match)
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