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Amazing Grace

Theme: General

Age: Middle/Upper Elementary

Length: 40 Minutes

Number of Characters: 11 plus chorus

Number of Songs: 10


How do you explain the concept of grace to a child?  It’s not something you can see or feel or something you can know, or is it?  When you see grace through the eyes of a child you will be amazed.  This is a republished 25th anniversary edition.  Songs include: “Has Anybody Here Seen Grace?”; “Grace Is Alive and Well”; “Let’s Say Grace”; “Isn’t It Amazing Grace” and more.  Created by Greg Nelson and Karen Fry.


Song List & Audio Samples

Has Anybody Seen Grace?

Let Us Go to the House of the Lord

Grace Is Alive and Well


Grace Is Bigger

Let's Say Grace

The Grace Place

Vitamin "G"

Don't Go To Work Without Grace

Isn't It Amazing Grace


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