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Blast Off Discovering the God of Creation School Musical


Blast Off! Discovering the God of Creation

Theme: General

Age: Middle/Upper Elementary

Length: 40 Minutes

Number of Characters: 11

Number of Songs: 10


Blast off on an intergalactic adventure aboard the space shuttle Discovery as they travel through space and discover all the indescribably things in creation.  With the help of various stars, planets, comets, a cantankerous robot and the wise flight commander you will be whisked away into outer space.  Songs include “Space Camp”, “Blast Off!”, “In the Beginning”, “Eternity and Beyond” and more.  Created by David and Celeste Clydesdale.


Song List & Audio Samples

Space Camp

Blast Off!

Indescribable-What A Wonderful God You Are

In The Beginning

It Is Good!

In Your Image

Like An Eagle

Eternity and Beyond




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