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Follow U
A Place Where Knowledge and Grace Meet!

Theme: General

Age: Upper Elementary

Length: 43 Minutes

Number of Characters: 7

Number of Songs: 9


Though he is a great student, JJ is always late for school and may have to drop out of Follow U. What can be done to keep him there? Join the interesting students and teachers as they figure out why JJ is constantly late for school as well as seeing God work a miracle that keeps JJ in his favorite school. Very upbeat songs include Hey, Jesus Loves Me; Glory to God Forever; What Can I Do? and more. Created by Susie Williams, Luke Gambill and Jeff Sandstrom.


Song List & Audio Samples

Follow U

Hey, Jesus Loves Me

I Want To Say Thank You

Glory To God Forever

Who Am I?

Our God

What Can I Do?

Not Forgotten



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