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Beary Merry Holiday Christmas Musical


A Bear-y Merry Holiday

Theme: Christmas

Age: Lower/Middle Elementary

Length: 20 Minutes

Number of Characters: 33 (but can be doubled up)

Number of Songs: 5


The Polar Bears are throwing a bear-y big holiday celebration at the North Pole and their guests from around the world are starting to arrive . . . black bears and brown bears, rapping grizzlies, dancing bears, teddy bears and Kodiaks from nearby Alaska.  But what is taking the Pandas so long?  Join the festive panda-monium when they arrive in true vaudeville style and the party begins.  Songs include “Dancing on Ice”, “Jingle Bears!”, “Covered in White” and more.  Created by Jacobson and Higgins.


Song List & Audio Samples

A Bear-y Merry Holiday

Dancing on Ice

Covered in White

Jingle Bears



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