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Bugz Christmas Musical


Bugz Christmas, The

Theme: Christmas

Age: Lower Elementary

Length: 20 Minutes

Number of Characters: 45 (but can be doubled up)

Number of Songs: 5


The bugz are back (see “Bugz” in Secular General Musicals) and ready for the annual Christmas program infestation.  The carpenter bees have built their sets, and the silk worms have made the costumes.  Oh, no!  The termites just chewed up the Christmas tree decorations and ate the lights.  What are the bugz to do?  See how some special little guests light the way to a grand finale of “The Twelve Bugs of Christmas.”  Songs include “We’re Hungry”, “A Tree without Lights”, “Let Your Best Light Shine”, and more.  Created by Jacobson and Higgins.


Song List & Audio Samples

We're Hungry

A Tree Without Lights

Let Your Best Light Shine

The 12 Bugz of Christmas

Reprise: A Bugz Christmas


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