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Elfis and the Elves Get All Shook Up Christmas Musical


Elfis and the Elves Get All Shook Up

Theme: Christmas

Age: Lower/Middle Elementary

Length: 20 Minutes

Number of Characters: 19+

Number of Songs: 8


This musical may be performed on risers. Elfis decides the elves are always working hard during the holiday season and never have the opportunity to see how other cultures celebrate. After talking Santa into letting him borrow the sleigh, Elfis takes them on a whirlwind tour. They get an opportunity to observe holiday celebrations including Los Posados, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas gift-wrapping. Songs include: “The Magis Sleigh”, “The Pinata”, “The Gift Wrap Rap”, and “Hum Drum Holiday”. Created by Michael and Jill Gallina. NOT AVAILABLE FOR PREVIEW.

Song List & Audio Samples

This is my song

This is my song 2

This is my song 3

This is my song 4

This is my song 5

This is my song 6


Reproducible Kit/Performance CD $49.95

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