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Freeze Frame Christmas Musical


Freeze Frame

Theme: Christmas

Age: Lower/Middle Elementary

Length: 20 Minutes

Number of Characters: 7 plus chorus

Number of Songs: 7


Freeze Frame!, the hottest new game show on television, is on the air, featuring a fast and frantic “Freeze Team” of performers who spin their way into positions portraying favorite wintertime activities. Our host, Chris Coldplay, keeps things moving as a quartet of celebrities tries to guess the action being performed. Songs include: “Can’t Wait to Skate”; “Sledding We Will Go”; “Ski with Me” and more.


Song List & Audio Samples

Freeze Frame

Can't Wait to Skate!

Sledding We Will Go!

Ski with Me

Winter Daydream

Snow Day! Snow Day!


Full Score with Reprod. Student Pages
Accompaniment CD
Full Score and Accompaniment CD

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