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3 Piggy Opera

Theme: General

Age: Lower Elementary

Length: 20 Minutes

Number of Characters: Entire Class

Number of Songs: 6


The tale of the Three Little Pigs is known by all.  Children love to hear the tale told to them.  Now they can perform it to a live audience.  This musical comes with suggestions for staging and costuming as well as related curriculum suggestions.  Songs include “Straw Peddler’s Song”; “Stick Peddler’s Song”; and Wolf’s Song”.  Created by Carol Kaplan and Sandi Becker.  NOT AVAILABLE FOR PREVIEW.


Song List & Audio Samples

This is my song

This is my song 2

This is my song 3

This is my song 4

This is my song 5

This is my song 6


Book and Listening/Acc. CD $17.95

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