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Character Street School Musical


Character Street

Theme: General

Age: Middle Elementary

Length: 30 Minutes

Number of Characters: 9+ chorus

Number of Songs: 11


Here’s a character education musical for people AND PUPPETS! Today is Fuzzy Monster’s birthday. As Gaby, Theo, Daffodil, and other neighborhood friends prepare for a surprise party, our colorful cast of characters learns many important life lessons. After a cheerful opening theme song, eight scenes and unison songs focus on good judgment, kindness, courage, perseverance, responsibility, self-discipline, integrity, and respect. A few optional stage puppets will steal the show and add to the fun! Songs include: “I Just Want You to Care”, “Keep Tryin’”, “Self-Discipline”, “Here on Character Street”, and others. Created by Beck, Fisher, and Saunders. NOT AVAILABLE FOR PREVIEW.


Song List & Audio Samples

This is my song

This is my song 2

This is my song 3

This is my song 4

This is my song 5

This is my song 6


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