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Circus Circus

Theme: General

Age: Lower Elementary

Length: 20 Minutes

Number of Characters: 15+

Number of Songs: 5


Ladies and gentlemen! The circus is coming to town! The plot centers around the circus master, who has lost his voice. Now each of the circus acts audition to see if they can replace the ringmaster. Finally the sad clown becomes the substitute. Created by John Jacobson and John Higgins.


Song List & Audio Samples

When the Circus Comes to Town

Who Wants to Be the Ringmaster?

The "Mane" Event

Clowning Around

Sad Clown


Full Score
Listening CD
Accompaniment CD
Reproducible Pak
Classroom Kit
(Vocals, lyric sheets, dialog)  
(Full Score, Reproducible Pak, Acc. CD)

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