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Compose Yourself

Theme: General

Age: Middle/Upper Elementary

Length: 30 Minutes

Number of Characters: 3 groups students, choir, composers

Number of Songs: 7


Join the fun as a group of kids meet some of the great composers of the past. This humorous, yet educational program, is a great way to introduce your kids to the classics. Songs include "A Mostly Mozart Morning", "A Fairly Friendly Fugue", "Come Waltz with Me", and "Composer Rap". Created by John Jacobson and Alan Billinsley.


Song List & Audio Samples

Hello Everybody

A Mostly Mozart Morning

A Fairly Friendly Fugue

Come Waltz with Me

Can You Hear?

Composer Rap



So Long Everybody


Full Score
Singer's 5 Pak
Listening CD
Accompaniment CD

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