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Reynold R. Kremer has written many Bible studies for churches and schools as well as curriculum for children’s vacation Bible school and Sunday school. For 15 years Mr. Kremer served as a Christian school principal and has been employed as a writer and marketing director for Kremer Publications of Butler, Wisconsin. Reynold Kremer has since retired, yet keeps his schedule busy writing and presentating lectures on the Amish people. Reynold is also the author of Driving the Back Roads: The Amish-In the World but Not of It and coauthor of Glorified! What the Bible Says about Death, Resurrection, and Eternal Life.


Gift of Prayer Devotions

The Gift of Prayer:

Daily Devotions about the Blessing of Prayer


Author: Reynold R. Kremer

Paperback; 120 pages


This new devotion book by Reynold Kremer includes 60 devotions dedicated just to prayer. Combining insights into what prayer is and prayers included in the Bible. The Gift of Prayer gives readers a renewed confidence and joy in this precious gift from God.



Driving the Backroads Amish Book

Driving the Back Roads

The Amish - In the World,
but Not of It


Author: Reynold R. Kremer

Paperback; 182 pages


Author and speaker, Reynold Kremer, gives insight into the fascinating world of the Amish, Hutterites, and Old Order Mennonites. This is a great book for pastors, teachers, church libraries, or anyone interested in the Plain People. Here you will find the answers to the puzzles of the Amish as you explore their Anabaptist history, their family lives, and their religion.



Death Resurrection and Eternal Life Devotions


What the Bible Says about Death, Resurrection, and Eternal Life.

Author: Reynold R. Kremer &
Rev. George Ferch

Paperback; 117 pages

This study presents the subjects of death, judgment, signs of the end times, angels, the book of life, heaven, hell, eternity, and much more. Here believers can find hope and comfort in discovering what God has planned for the day when his faithful are glorified. This is a Bible study book every Christian should read. Includes over 300 Bible references.



Real People of the Bible Devotions

Real People

Meditations on 101 People
of the Bible

Author: Reynold R. Kremer

Paperback; 212 pages


The Bible is filled with fascinating people. Old and young, rich and poor, leaders and followers, moral and depraved, these individuals were all placed into Scripture to teach us lessons about life. These meditations reflect the story of sin and salvation, life, death, mercy and grace. Each devotion focuses on one of the famous, the not so famous, and the infamous Bible people.