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"Angels: The Bible Speaks"

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Kremer Resources offers over 30 different topical insight group Bible study classes that are excellent for church Bible study, home Bible study, Barnabas groups, and youth groups.  All of these Bible studies are doctrinally sound and have been edited by WELS, ELS, or LCMS pastors and teachers.


Angels: Who Are They? Description

Recommended Ages: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Four

Format: Download

Price: $39.99


“Angels: the Bible Speaks” is an insightful study that provides evidence from God’s Word regarding the angels. Scripture clearly tells us who these wonderful creatures are and how they carry out God’s plans. Unfortunately we live in a society that has distorted this beautiful blessing in so many ways. It’s time we uncover the truth about God’s special agents.

Lessons (4-6 weeks)

Week One
God’s Amazing Creatures
Their Creation
Spirit Beings

Week Two
What Are They Like
Their Brightness
Angels Named
Types of Angels

Week Three
Angels Serve
Our Guardians
Ministering to Jesus
Serving God’s Judgment

Week Four
More about Angels
The Angel of the Lord
Satan and His Demons
Personal Encounters


This group Bible study is available as an instant download. Please note, however, that the download link is only available for seven days from the date of purchase.

Angels: The Bible Speaks(Download)