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"Glorified! What the Bible says about death, resurrection and eternal life."

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Pages: 118

Available Formats: Paperback & Amazon Kindle

Publisher: Kremer Resources LLC

ISBN: 978-0-9817272-1-9


. . . MANY CHRISTIANS STILL HAVE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. Authors Pastor George Ferch and Reynold Kremer searched the Scripture to find what God reveals about the end times. Glorified! is a topical Bible study covering the entire subject of death, judgment, signs of the end times, angels on judgment day, what happens to the soul when the body died, the book of life, heaven, hell, what will eternal life be like, will we see our friends, and much more. With this book the believer can find real joy and comfort discovering what God has planned for the day when his faithful are glorified. This is a Bible study book every Christian "young and old" should read.

"Finally! A thorough but manageable study of the end times. The authors have done the church a great service by presenting God's revelation about what his people can look forward to in eternity."

Joel L. Pless, PhD. Associate Professor of Theology, Wisconsin Lutheran College.



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