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"The Gift of Prayer: Daily Devotions about the Blessing of Prayer"

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About "The Gift of Prayer" Daily Devotions

Pages: 120

Available Formats: Paperback & Amazon Kindle

Publisher: Kremer Resources LLC

ISBN: 978-0-9817272-9-5

This new devotion book by Reynold Kremer includes 60 devotions dedicated just to prayer. Combining insights into what prayer is and prayers included in the Bible.

The Gift of Prayer Daily Devotions gives readers a renewed confidence and joy in this precious gift from God.


"Prayer is like a beautiful gem. In its entirety it has great value. At the same time, it has many different facets. We truly appreciate the beauty of prayer only when we consider it from various angles. Always tied to Scripture, these devotions on prayer help us to see the many sides and the great benefits of prayer. Although short in length, they are deep in meaning as they assist the readers in developing their own prayer lives.”

Prof. James F. Korthals, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon , WI


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"The Gift of Prayer" Daily Devotional Book Preface

There is likely not a single Christian who does not know what prayer is. Many were taught prayers as little children and went on to say them at every church service. The use of prayer should be second nature for God’s people.

Unfortunately, there are Christians who will admit not only that they don’t take advantage of this blessing but that they don’t really know how to pray. Sadly, these people are missing one of the greatest gifts God has given. Prayer provides believers the opportunity to speak intimately with the Lord. It is a blessing no other religion offers.

These 60 meditations are intended to show many of the ways God’s people have used and still use prayer. The Bible is filled with hundreds of examples of prayer. Throughout Scripture, God repeatedly mentions the importance and power of prayer.

Brought up in a Christian home, I attended Christian elementary school, high school, and teachers’ college. After graduating, I served as teacher and principal of a Christian elementary school. My home life includes a wonderful Christian wife, 4 grown and married Christian children, and 14 grandchildren. Yet regrettably, I admit that the more deeply I became involved with this project, the more I realized my shortcomings regarding the blessing of prayer.

My hope is that you will find these devotions insightful, rewarding, and profitable for your prayer life. I encourage you to become more aware of prayer so that you might more fully enjoy the many blessings that come with God’s precious Gift of Prayer!

Reynold R. Kremer