About the Kremer Childrens Worship Service

Kremer Resources has produced this complete childrens worship service and other church worship programs for special Christian holidays and occasions. These church worship services include music, accompaniment CD, narration, and participation by children, youth or the entire congregation.

You may order as a shipped CD or as immediate downloaded files. Each childrens worship service comes with:

  • Reproducible Teacher/Student Score on CD or sent to you via the Internet.  (Both scores are formatted in PDF - the Student Score is also in Word format.) 
  • Sing-Along/Accompaniment music on CD or sent via the internet as an MP3. (You will need proper software to change the internet MP3 versions into a listening CD.)

Kremer Resources produces these church worship services especially for WELS, ELS, ELCA, and LCMS churches. The church worship programs are written by a Lutheran grade school principal and edited by Lutheran professors and pastors.


"The Song Is Silent" Childrens Worship Service Description

Grades: K-9

Length: 50 Minutes

Group Size: Any


In Kremer Publication's childrens worship service “The Song is Silent", the comforting music of healings and blessings, of smiles and friendships which Jesus shared throughout his life and ministry has now ended.  Today the song is laid to rest in a tomb near Calvary. The battle between the Prince of Peace and the Prince of Darkness has been fought to a bitter end, and the victory belongs to our triumphant King.

“Today our ears will hear melodies, and our lips will speak words, but the song will be silent.  As we worship together, we will look back on the many prophecies that spoke so clearly of Jesus’ suffering and death.  We will relive that Friday we call ‘Good’ as we follow our Savior moment by moment, hour by hour, until he breathes his final breath.  But throughout our entire Good Friday meditation church service we will refrain from singing.  We will allow our melody and our song to remain distant from one another until they once again unite in magnificent praise and rejoicing on the glorious resurrection morning.” (from the Introduction)


This Good Friday meditation church service includes the following:

  • Opening by the Pastor
  • Introduction and Invocation
  • Confession
  • Psalm 22 (Responsive)
  • Old Testament Readings (Each a prophecy of the Lord’s passion)
  • Scripture Reading (Isaiah 53 Responsive)
  • Meditation Sermonette #1 (Based on Isaiah 53:7,8)
  • The Events of Good Friday (An hour by hour presentation)
  • Meditation Sermonette #2 (Based on Revelation 5:9)
  • Choral Recitation
  • Closing

Items on the Good Friday worship program CD:

  • 81/2 x 11 Leader’s Guide (pdf)
  • 81/2 x 11 Program (pdf and Word)
  • 51/2 x 81/2 Program (pdf)
  • Hymnal Bookmark topper that may be inserted in all the hymn books (One for Good Friday and one for Easter Sunday)
  • Poster Artwork
  • Bulletin Cover B/W Artwork

Items on the Good Friday worship program music CD:

  • “Sing a New Song” for Good Friday
  • “Sing a New Song” for Easter Sunday


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Reproducible Score & Music (Word/PDF & MP3 Files)

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