About the Kremer Childrens Worship Service

Kremer Resources has produced this complete childrens worship service and other church worship programs for special Christian holidays and occasions. These church worship services include music, accompaniment CD, narration, and participation by children, youth or the entire congregation.

You may order as a shipped CD or as immediate downloaded files. Each childrens worship service comes with:

  • Reproducible Teacher/Student Score on CD or sent to you via the Internet.  (Both scores are formatted in PDF - the Student Score is also in Word format.) 
  • Sing-Along/Accompaniment music on CD or sent via the internet as an MP3. (You will need proper software to change the internet MP3 versions into a listening CD.)

Kremer Resources produces these church worship services especially for WELS, ELS, ELCA, and LCMS churches. The church worship programs are written by a Lutheran grade school principal and edited by Lutheran professors and pastors.


"Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Scripture Alone" Childrens Worship Service Description

Grades: K-9

Length: Complete Worship Service

Group Size: Any


This interactive children's worship service for Reformation is an ideal way to have your children involved in the Reformation worship. Based on the three “solas”, this self-contained children’s worship service includes Scripture readings, hymn suggestions for the congregation, and a time set aside for three short massages by the pastor. You also receive a banner pattern. Children participate in this service with narration, recitations, and songs.


You receive TWO disks. One includes the printed service materials and student pages, sheet music, banner pattern, and worship service bulletin template. The second disk included the accompaniment for the children’s songs.

SONGS: Four songs are included for the children to present:

  • “Sola Song”
  • “I Do Not Know”
  • “I’ll Not Give Up”
  • “The Bible Message”


  • Opening children’s song: “Sola Song” (text, CD accompaniment, & sheet music included)
  • Welcome by pastor (text is included), Confession, Absolution, and Prayer

PART 1: Grace Aone

  • Responsive reading (text included)
  • Presentation by narrator and children (text included)
  • Pastor’s message based on Ephesians 2:5
  • Congregation song: “Amazing Grace”

PART 2: Faith Alone

  • Presentation by narrator and lower and middle grade Scripture recitations
  • Responsive reading by pastor, men, women, and children (text included)
  • Congregation song: “Oh, for a Faith That Will Not Shrink”
  • Pastor’s message based on Romans 5:1
  • Children’s song: “I Do Not Know” (text, CD accompaniment, & sheet music included)

PART 3: Scripture Alone

  • Narration and response by children
  • Children’s song: “The Bible Message” (text, CD accompaniment, & sheet music included)
  • Narration and response by children
  • Children’s song: “I’ll Not Give Up the Bible” (text, CD accompaniment, & sheet music included)
  • Pastor’s message based on 1 Peter 1:25
  • Offering, Prayers and Benediction
  • Congregation song: “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAM (Avoid Shipping and Handling Charges)

**Music is MP3 formatted

Reproducible Score & Music (Word/PDF & MP3 Files) - 6.3 MB